Congratulations! You’ve been selected to complete our Employee Assessment. Once completed, we will contact you for the next stage of the interview process.

  • Personal Information

  • Typing Skills

  • Please go to Typing Web, and register for a free account. Click the certification link and take the 'General Certification' test. Once completed, you will be able to certify our score, and save a PDF copy of your typing certificate to your computer.
  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
    If you cannot attach this here, it will be required if/when you come in for an interview.
  • Spelling

  • Choose the correct spelling. If none of the options are correct, choose 'none of these'.
  • In the following list, some of the words are spelled correctly while others are misspelled. In the box to the right, write the correct spelling of each word. If a word is spelled correctly, write the letter "C".
  • Arithmetic

  • Choose the correct answer from the drop down lists below. If none of the answers are correct, choose 'none'.
  • Calculate the following:
  • Barbara has called from the District Dog Pound for a work alone check in. It's 8:30am now, and she will check back at 12 noon. We allow 15 minutes leeway for the check in.
  • Chris at the Treatment Plant is working in a dangerous environment, and needs to check in with us every 30 minutes. We give him 5 minutes leeway. He calls in at 8:25pm.
  • Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization

    The following sentences may or may not be written correctly. Rewrite the incorrect sentences correctly, in the space provided below, ensuring there are no grammar, punctuation, capitalization or spelling errors. If the sentence contains no error, write “Correct as written.”


Thank you for taking our Employee Assessment. Successful candidates will be contacted for a telephone interview, prior to being asked to come in for further assessment and position training.