“I’ve employed Connections since 2002. I’ve found them to be exceedingly professional and adaptable. I’ve hired them for a variety of jobs and for two different companies including message taking, customer follow-up and hotel bookings. The rates are reasonable given the level of professionalism and skill the operators have. In many cases it’s cheaper for us to outsource this work than to hire a part-time employee. Often, we are assigned the same staff member over the past 15 years. That speaks volumes about the quality of management at this firm. The most important thing they do is think. There are times when we need to be brought into a call and others when we don’t. They consistently make the “right call” for us. I would highly recommend this service to small business owners anywhere. You won’t be disappointed.”

Craig Davidiuk
Ultimate Promotions


“I have been a client of Connections’ since 1993. Lil and Trish were a great help when I started up Whistler Towing. Their knowledge and of the corridor and every highway marker was a big help. They provided dispatch service for our tow truck fleet for the years I owned it. Connections now answer the phones for my Parking Management business.

Over the years I have been impressed by the professionally trained staff of Connections. My customers are often anxious or angry when they call, and are put at ease by the smile in the voice of all Connections’ staff. In two decades I have never had a customer complaint regarding Connections staff, which is quite an accomplishment in my business.

Feel free to call me if you have further questions.”
Jim Watts, President
Whistler Parking Management


“This letter is to commend the staff at Connections Message Centre who provided the messaging services vital to the successful communications management during our recent flood disaster.

I was most impressed with the quick, efficient and professional service demonstrated throughout the disaster that lasted over a week. In a crisis situation, this level of service is not taken for granted. Instead, its importance is magnified, documented and recognized.

Please send my sincere “thank you” to your fine team and “congratulations” on a job well done!”
Ian Sutherland, Mayor
Squamish, B.C.



Connections was the missing link for our business.”
Gord Huxtable
Aloha Whistler


Connections is the Head & Shoulders above our old service. We should have changed ages ago!”
John Morris
Omega Aviation, Vancouver Airport


“Efficient, professional service with the personal touch!”
Lisa Bjornson, Manager
Royal LePage Black Tusk Realty


“The towing boys and all the staff and Stuart & Mary ann & Chris would like to take a moment to thank you for the great service that you have provided for us. Your staff is polite and very helpful to all that call our lines. We appreciate you and again thank you for your hard work.”
Stuart, Mary Ann
Ernie’s Towing


“Excellent service. We always receive comments on how professional and friendly our customer service agents are! To our customers, it is a seamless service, they assume that the people answering the phone are our staff in our office. It has worked out way better than we thought possible!”
Shari McDowell


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