Connections Call Center offers a wide variety of telephone answering services, including live operator answering 24/7, personalized scripted messaging, custom greeting and answer phrases, as well as immediate or scheduled delivery of messages. Contact us today for more information.

Connections offers a wide variety of telephone answering services to meet individual company needs.  Answering services offered include:

  1. Live telephone-answering 24/7.
  2. Personalized scripted messaging systems.
  3. Custom greetings/answer lines.
  4. Immediate or scheduled delivery of messages.
  5. No long distance charges.
  6. No additional equipment required by you.
  7. Package pricing.


Connections enhanced services include:

  1. Real estate specialization.
  2. Registrations (Race/Seminar, etc).
  3. Appointment taking/booking in online calendars.
  4. Emergency On Call procedures.
  5. Worksafe BC work alone programs.
  6. Website navigation.
  7. Reservations.
  8. Order entry.
  9. Personalized scripted services.
  10. Remote receptionist (your clients never have to know we’re not in your office!).
  11. Technical support help desk.
  12. Twitter, Facebook & Other Social Media Management