Q: I am not located in British Columbia, can I still use Connections services without being charged long distance for all my calls?

Yes! Connections Call Center is capable of providing international services with no additional long distance charges to our clients! We answer your lines from Canada, but you pay nothing but local calling fees for your business located in the United States!


Q: I am a small but growing home based business and would like a quality receptionist without the fees of hiring a full time front desk person. Is Connections a cost efficient solution to my needs?

Yes! Connections Call Center charges are based on your businesses call frequency and message requirements. We encourage your small business to grow through quality front line assistance and thus can’t guarantee that you’re fees will always stay the same, but do insure that as your fees grow so is your business!


Q: How long is the registration process?

Signing up with Connections Call Center is easy! It can be done over the phone, by fax, email or through web submission. No visit is required!


Q: How exactly do I give you my calls without any additional equipment?

When your office is closed for the night, or when you’re unable to answer the phones you simply follow three or four step instructions on your telephone, to forward your calls to a designated Connections Call Center number. During that process you come through to the Connections Call Center office and your call will be answered by one of our agents. At that time, you inform the agent you are forwarding lines. All calls made to your businesses phone number will be rerouted to Connections Call Center until you take the forward off.


Q: Do you answer lines on Stat holidays?

Yes! Connections Call Center answers your phone calls 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, without any exceptions!


Q: If I’m interested in using Connections services do I need to sign up for a long-term contract?

No! No long-term contract is required when signing up for Connections Call Center services. We believe that our service speaks for itself, and good business is based on good customer service, that which we provide to you and to your clients on your behalf! We know you will stay with us so long as we provide you with the quality services you require.