Connections Call Center offers a wide variety of telephone answering services, including live operator answering 24/7, personalized scripted messaging, custom greeting and answer phrases, as well as immediate or scheduled delivery of messages.

As a telephone answering service, we specialize in real-estate communications, game or event registrations, appointment booking, emergency on call procedures and much, much more. Our true specialization is custom-fit to your needs.


Connections Call Center is capable of managing your Twitter and other Social Media accounts.  Updates can be tweeted or added to your company status at your direction, immediately upon request, or at timed intervals.  While Twitter is a great application for keeping the public updated on event or project happenings and progress, Facebook is a fantastic way to open yet another line of communication to your audience.  With Connections Call Center working 24/7, we can always have an eye on your social media profile and are able to combat any potentially harmful media, immediately as per your direction.


Your business is our business…